Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Blog Tour Tuesday: CELESTRE'S SONG

Today's Blog Tour Tuesday features 
Celestre's Song 
by Danni Roan
About Celestre’s Song:

Leaving behind the dark shadow of her late husband Celestre Smythe strikes out for a new life in Montana: one where security is guaranteed. To her way of thinking she couldn't have asked for a better situation, a simple partnership with taciturn Trevor Wright.

Trevor needs a woman to care for his two young children but wants as little to do with the woman herself as possible. A Montana horse rancher he’s given up on love, God, and anything other than providing for his tiny family. Celestre is a means to an end, a way of meeting the needs of his small son and infant daughter.

Although content with their arrangements for their own reasons Trevor and Celestre soon find that life doesn’t often adhere to our best laid plans. A sweet inspirational story of second chances.


Jake Smythe had never been a good man. He had been a drunk, a gambler, and a cruel, abusive husband. Yet Celestre sat, even now, holding his hand dutifully; fleetingly he wondered if she were praying for him.
            “Are you praying for me?’ he asked, his voice a hollow wheeze.
            “Yes.” Her answer was simple, direct.
            “I suppose you think your God can still save me,” he scoffed.
            “I know he can.” Her reply was flat, but he knew she believed it.
Turning her head toward her husband, Celestre Smythe looked at him carefully. His cheeks were sunken, his parchment-colored skin pulled tight across the ridges and planes of a once handsome face.
            “Do you really believe that?” the man whispered again, a tiny thread of hope edging his words.
“I can pray with you and show you the way,” she replied. There was no sorrow in her voice, no emotion. He couldn’t blame her.
            “Please,” he pleaded.
“You must admit that you are a sinner first,” Celestre looked into his once green eyes and for the first time saw not arrogance and anger, but fear, doubt and shame.
He nodded silently.
“Then you must accept that Christ died for you, for all of your sins and ask Him to forgive you.” She watched as he swallowed and felt his hand tremble in her own.
She strained to hear his mumbled words as his whole body seemed to shiver. Again, he swallowed and looked at her. “And can you forgive me?” his voice was weak.
“I have to,” was all she said as his last breath left him.

Celestre’s  Song is available on Amazon. CLICK HERE.

Author Biography

Danni Roan, born in rural western Pennsylvania, has always loved the country life. Her first work published under her real name, Paula Liddle-Beem, is a collection of folk essays about childhood in the lush, green mountains of PA. Being a teacher of English and English as a Second Language for the past twelve years has only inspired Danni's love of writing Western Historical Fiction. After receiving her Masters of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language she determined to indulge her passion for fiction writing. Teaching both in the USA and abroad has exposed Danni to a wide range of people from all walks of life and she tries to capture that unique character in her work.

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  1. Danni, I do wish you all the best with this story. Here's to more stories you have to tell. Angela

  2. Congrats on the new book, Danni--I love the cover! :-)