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Blog Tour Tuesday - A GAMBLER'S HEART by Kay P. Dawson

This week’s Blog Tour Tuesday features
A Gambler's Heart
By Kay P. Dawson

About the Book:

Is Love Worth the Gamble?

Fiona is tired of the London society, where status and looks are the most important traits a man is looking for in a woman. Wanting a chance at a new life, away from the pitying stares and loneliness of her life in England, she answers an ad as a mail order bride in America. 

Brooks is a gambling man, who wants revenge against his father's killer. His plans are complicated when Fiona lands in his lap after a winning hand.

He doesn’t have time to be looking after a woman, especially one who should have known better than to come to a strange country on her own. But, somehow, she has become his problem.

Will the final wager cost him his heart? 

**A Gambler's Heart is the 1st book in the Love's a Gamble Series.


“Sorry, Hayward. Looks like I’ve won myself the lovely lady for one more week.” 

Milton was sputtering and swearing. “Don’t know how you keep beating me, but ye can be sure, after this week, I’m taking what’s rightfully mine.” He stood up quickly, knocking over a chair behind him and scowled at her as he walked past. 

“Enjoy yer time with Brooks, because once he’s done with ye, ye’re all mine.” 

Her body started to tremble as she watched him swagger away. She only had one more week to find a way out of this mess. If the money didn’t get here soon, she didn’t know what she’d do.

Before she had time to think about it any longer, Brooks had his hand on her elbow and was practically dragging her from the wooden sidewalk in front of the saloon.

Lydia followed behind as quickly as she could.

Finding herself out in the bright sunlight once again, she had to squint until her eyes adjusted. She pulled hard on her arm. 

“Mr. Vaughn, I’m quite capable of walking across the street to the wagon. I don’t need you dragging me like a sack of potatoes.” 

He stopped and tilted his head to the side. “I’m quite sure you can. However, since you’re the one who insisted on coming into town in the first place, then insisted on going to the mercantile, after I’d specifically told you to hurry and not make any extra stops, I think I’m quite deserving to drag you back to the wagon however I see fit.”

She clenched her fists at her side as she glared at him. “I had to come to town to send a wire to my father. And just because I chose to stop at the mercantile doesn’t give that man the right to accost me. Or give you the right to make a bet on me. What if you’d lost, Mr. Vaughn? Did you ever think of that?”

She knew she should be thanking him for everything he’d done for her, but for some reason, she was irked, and she had to let him know.

He laughed. “Of course I thought about that. It was a chance I was willing to take.” He was grinning at her with that rakish smile she vowed would never work on her.

Lifting her chin in the air, she walked past him onto the street without giving him another glance. 
Before she could get any farther, hands were on her waist, and her feet lifted from the ground.

“And another thing. I wouldn’t drag a sack of potatoes. I’d be sure to fling it over my shoulder for easier carrying.” His voice laughed up at her as she pounded on his back, yelling to let her go.

She thought she’d been angry before, but that was nothing until she was carried down the street over his shoulder to the waiting wagon.

She almost believed Milton Hayward might have been the better option.


All other retailers (Kobo, Nook & iTunes):  https://books2read.com/links/ubl/bMG9Bv/

About the Author:

Kay P. Dawson is the mom of two girls, living in southern Canada.  She has always loved pioneer stories, growing up reading, watching and playing "Little House on the Prairie."

Writing western romance in the old west is a dream come true for her.  After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2011, she decided it was time to write the books she'd always wanted to write some day.  She writes about times when times were tough, but lives were simpler.

Real heroes, and the women who find true love.  She writes sweet romance - all of the love, without the juicy details.

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