Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Colorado & The Comanche National Grasslands

Post by Angela Raines

 Comanche Grasslands
The Comanche National Grasslands cover 440,000 acres in Southeast Colorado. No, there are no mountains here, just some amazing history and stark beauty.
More Comanche Grasslands
It's early history goes back to the age of the dinosaur, with some 1,300 visible dinosaur tracks, according to National Park website. Most are in Picket Wire canyon, accessible via a long walk, or special jeep tours. There is also native rock art from about 1,500 years ago.
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The Grasslands are also part of the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe trail. Bents Old Fort is nearby just outside of present day La Junta. Hiking the grasslands you can find abandon homesteads and stage stops.

Vogel Canyon

Another View of Vogel Canyon
Vogel Canyon has two springs, and is a tributary of the Purgatorie River. Called by many of the old times by the name of Picketwire. Nearby is the coach road developed in the 1870's by the Barlow & Sanderson Mail and Stage Line as a spur off the Santa Fe trail. Tracks can still be seen to this day.

Tracks from the Stage Line
La Junta, the county seat of Otero county is home to a small, but fascinating museum. They have a nine passenger stagecoach, buckskin clothing worn by Kit Carson and a huge display of mustache cups.

Old Stagecoach 
A day spent hiking the grasslands, followed by a tour of the museum is a day well spent. So you see, Colorado is not just home to fifty-four mountain peaks over 14,000'. Colorado is a state full of history, land, and people to spark a writers imagination.

Mustache Curling Iron and Cups
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  1. Thank you Doris, I loved it. Cher'ley

    1. You're welcome Cher'ley. It is a wonderful place to visit, and you know me and history. They day I was there, the quiet was so special. Doris/Angela

  2. Interesting. When I think of Colorado, I think of mountains. Great to see that it also has some "flat" land. Thanks for a great post.

    1. You are welcome Agnes. I didn't even talk about the 'Great Sand Dunes'. Colorado is home to some great places.

      Thanks for stopping. Glad I could add to your knowledge. Doris/Angela

  3. There are some big horn sheep down there plus the viking petroglyphs..... fun place

    1. John, you are correct. The diversity of the area is close to mind-boggling. I have always loved the grasslands and all the other history in the area. Doris/Angela

  4. Wow I loved this post! Thanks for all the great pics!!!