Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Release! Cate Corrals a Cattleman

Cate Corrals a Cattleman, book 6 in the Brides with Grit Series is now available! It was fun to write the mother's story this time. Cate has helped her children find love with the right spouse, so now it was her turn.
Cate Corrals a Cattleman by Linda K. Hubalek
Here's the story line.
A clean, sweet western romance, set in 1873. Widowed ranch woman Cate Wilerson’s four children are now all married and she’s enjoying being a grandma. But, she’s only in her forties, so she could be married again for many years. Cate’s ready to tie the knot again and she has already picked her groom.
Cattleman Isaac Connely bought a ring for Cate almost thirty years ago, but Moses Wilerson, a friend to both of them, asked Cate to marry him first. After serving in the Civil War, Isaac followed the Wilersons to Kansas and builds a cattle empire with his inheritance. He respected Cate’s and Moses’ marriage, comforted her through the loss of her husband and remained a friend of the Wilerson family.
Now he’s ready to propose—with the same ring—but someone from his past appears on his doorstep, dredging up a dark secret making him doubt his worth to be Cate’s husband.
Can Cate let go of past hurts and help Isaac realize he is not to blame, so he will finally ask her to marry him?
You'll have to read Cate Corrals a Cattleman to find out what's in store for this middle-aged couple. Love can happen at any age!

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Linda Hubalek


  1. Linda, I love when 'older' people can have their story. This sounds so wonderful. Best on this one, and I'll be reading a lot this winter. Doris McCraw/Angela Raines=author

    1. People can fall in love at any age, and they have more experience at life, so it makes a more in depth story. Enjoy reading Cate's story- and all of the Brides with Grit women's books, this winter.

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  3. What a great first post for sweet Americana sweethearts! I'm excited about reading your book. I have loved all the other books in this series, so I'm sure I will love this one too..... Robyn Echols writing in as sign in a bit

    1. Thanks for the note, Robyn. It's been a fun series to write, and to share with readers. People are even requesting more books for certain couples they'd like to see together. I think I'll be going past the planned eight books!

  4. Thank you, Linda! I've also purchased CATE CORRALS A CATTLEMAN, and eagerly await the opportunity to read. Wishing you the very best with this new release.
    Kristin Holt