Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Look What Our Authors Published in May!


  Our authors have been busy writing and publishing books. Here is what we published in May:

Tess (Prairie Roses Collection Book 9)

Annee Jones

A betrayal...a secret baby….an unknown imposter…will Tess survive the wagon train journey to Sunset Hills, Oregon after her life is threatened? And if so, what will she do once she gets there?

Garrett Kincaid is looking forward to bringing his youngest nephew, Jacob, to join his sister and brother-in-law in their new home of Sunset Hills, OR. His sister begged him to care for her young son until the rest of the family got settled. The time is right for them to make the journey west. 

Released May 4, 2021


Cadi  (Prairie Roses Collection Book 11)

By Linda Carroll-Bradd

After her father betrayed her trust by gambling away their Kentucky horse breeding business, Cadi Gruffyn salvaged the pregnant prize mare gifted for her 21st birthday. The loss of the horse farm displaces her aunt and uncle, so Cadi joins them on a wagon train to northern California where her brother established a ranch in the Diablo Valley. When her uncle dies, several men approach Cadi, insisting she needs a husband to help her finish out the trip. She refuses, afraid they only want to claim her valuable mare.

Carpenter Trynt Pembroke just wants a fresh start. A week before his wedding, he was betrayed by his fiancĂ©e who ran off with his brother. As much as he doesn’t want the complication of a woman in his life, he keeps coming to the rescue of strong and determined Cadi, a woman who shares his cultural heritage. Can he convince her they are stronger together than on their own?

Releases May 6



Albert, Angel Box Collection One

by Kit Morgan

This boxset is made up of Kit Morgan’s books where Albert the Angel and his friends appear. Albert and his fellow angels are hard at work in these stories and do their best to make sure their charges have a Happily Ever After. Whether they’re working in historical times or contemporary, Albert and his friends always get their man, not to mention their woman, together! This collection includes:

Reading the Rancher

Caring for the Cowboy

Redeeming the Rogue

Watching the Wrangler

Nursing the Newcomer

Holidays with the Weavers

A Cowboy for Christmas

Released May 17



Verity's Overlander (Brides of Pelican Rapids Book 15)

By Marisa Masterson

Verity Vaksdal wants adventure, just like her Viking ancestors. After reading dime novels, she knows that adventure will only come her way if she finds a dark and handsome hero. 

Mrs. Ella Milton helps her find that hero, arranging for her to be a mail-order bride, but Verity neglects telling her real age of fifteen. She sneaks away from home and leaves a panicked older sister behind her. 

Robbie MacTavish never thought to write away for a wife. After his wife’s death years earlier, he decided never to remarry. His aunt has other ideas and writes to a “friend of a friend”, Mrs. Ella Milton. When the bride fails to show, he is more relieved than disappointed. 

When Veronica, his bride’s much older sister, appears and not Verity, Robbie’s suddenly grows much more interested in marrying. Will he be able to convince this woman that he needs only her as his wife while they race against time to find Verity?

Released May 14


 Not all our authors put their books up on preorder. For those who do, advance sales go a long way to help their rankings on Amazon. Please consider buying before the book is releases.


Preorders for June:


A Bride for Big Ed (The Proxy Brides Book 61)

By Annee Jones

She’s wanted dead or alive…. a desperate plan to keep her safe…. will answering an ad for a proxy bride be the answer? Or will Ophelia Price get more than she bargained for when she finally meets her new husband, Tombstone Marshal Edward “Big Ed” Lawson?

Releases June 1



A Bride for Adam (Mistaken Identity Mail Order Brides Book 6)

By Marisa Masterson

Adam Collins knew his bride. No matter that the women were identical twins, he would know Liza at a glance. So why was he sure that he held Tally's hand as they stood before the preacher? Could he still say, "I do," not knowing who he married?

Releases June 11



A Caregiver for Cash (Mail-Order Mama Series Book 18)

by Annee Jones

A widowed controlling father….a blind but rebellious daughter….can caregiver Eliza Abraham help this family before tragedy occurs?

Releases June 18, 2021



 A Bride for Quentin (Mistaken Identity Mail Order Brides Book 8)

By Zina Abbott

     Because of her controlling father, Callie Randall has lost everyone important in her life, including her first love. With her father now gone, she must find a way to survive. She knows no man who knows her history will consider marrying her.

     Army Lieutenant Quentin Thompson resigned his commission rather than risk court-martial. That was far from his only loss during that time. When the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad builds a line through the Arkansas Valley of Colorado, he accepts a job as a telegraph operator in the mining town of Jubilee Springs. He works his job, keeps to himself, and makes few friends. His life is just how he likes it—uneventful—until a ghost from his past steps off the train.

Releases June 25



Preorders for July:


Beau's Elegant Bride (Matchmaker's Mix-Up Book 11)

Marisa Masterson

Annalisa Caxton loses the security she's always known with the death of her guardian. By chance, she learns about a talented matchmaker and puts her trust in that woman to solve the problem of where to find a home, a problem no one prepared her to solve on her own.

With unexpected funds anonymously coming his way, Beau LeFevre packs a wagon with goods to establish a store in the mountains of Colorado. The funds come with one string--marry the bride ordered for him.

How can he make a marriage work with this spoiled woman? …someone made a mistake!

Releases July 15, 2021





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