Thursday, December 27, 2018

History UP Close and Personal

The Diary, Letters.
These are the things that give us a look into the everyday life throughout history. As we witness history being rewritten to further differing agendas, the personal diaries and letters of those from days gone by give us a picture on what it was really like ~ at least to that person.

While history is very subjective to those living in it, we can draw from other's experiences as they lived it. Just think in a hundred years, the things we have written about will be history. What lessons will those in 2100 glean from the letters, diaries, blogs, and videos of today?

I've never been one to keep a journal or diary, yet, I see how wonderful it is to open a book from the past and read about their lives. So many of us either don't have grandparents near or really don't know them. But if they'd written a diary, we could see into their lives ~ the good, bad, and ugly.

With the advent of film, we do have a better view of life in the past. But before 1900, we have to go by pictures, diaries, and letters. And even then, think of the legacy of teen age Anne Frank.

Perhaps it's time to think of future generations. What wisdom would you want to pass onto them?

Make this a year to give out wisdom. Tell of your experiences. What have you seen growing up? What warnings would you pass on?

Another fun thing to write about is your Word for the Year.
2019 my word is Intentional.  I write and live by the seat of my pants. this coming year, I intend to be more intentional about my life.

How about you? Do you have a word for the year? Do you have a diary or journal you want to pass down to future generations? 

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