Monday, December 17, 2018

His Protective Wings

By Sophie Dawson

Tomorrow, Dec. 18 brings the release of a book many of my readers have been clamoring for.

If you don't know of this series, it's a spinoff of my Stones Creek series. Eight ladies come from Sanctuary Place Mission for Women in Iowa and move into Sanctuary House in Stones Creek, Colorado. They bring their children with them. Many of the women have dubious backgrounds.

Several of the Ladies are married in the introductory book Chloe's Sanctuary (Stones Creek #3). Others have to wait until their stories are written. So far, there have been two books in the series: Laundry Lady's Love and Music of Her Heart.

His Protective Wings is Ruth and Massot's story and deals with a sensitive subject. Ruth was stalked and raped as a teenager and has a daughter, Kathryn. Understandably, she's reluctant to become involved with a man. Massot is the town's carpenter and somewhat of a growly recluse.

Ruth's story deals with previous assault and stalking. If you are sensitive to these issues, know that they are not demonstrated in a detailed manner.

Stones Creek, Colorado

Ruth Naylor is always sure someone is watching her. Is it true or just her imagination? Fearful of another assault that left her expecting and homeless years ago, Ruth struggles to simply make ends meet and raise her daughter.

Arty Massot is Stones Creek’s curmudgeon carpenter. His growly nature keeps most people away. There’s something in the woods not far from Stones Creek no one but he knows about, and he likes it that way.

There’s something about the shy, pretty lady that brings out the protectiveness in Massot.

Can God bring these two lonely people together? Is someone watching Ruth as she fears? Or will specters from their pasts keep them apart?

There will be at least two more books in the series. At least, that's what stories are in my head right now.

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