Thursday, November 10, 2016

Guidelines for a Teacher

by Shanna Hatfield

When I was looking for some fun historical tidbits to add to my latest sweet historical romance, I happened upon a book of Victorian morals and manners.

There was a whole section of guidelines, rules, and tips for teachers.


In The Christmas Quandary (which releases today!), Tom Grove returns to the town of Hardman to recuperate after an injury prevents him from doing his job until his broken arm heals. It just so happens the regular schoolteacher has taken quite ill. With nothing better to do, Tom agrees to fill in as the teacher through the holidays.

The regular teacher gives him a booklet that details all the do's and don'ts of teaching.

Here is the list:

Do not lose your head or your temper.
Do not appear meek to your students.
Do enter the classroom with a purposeful gait and gaze lifted with a steady eye.
Do decide exactly what you will and will not allow in your classroom.
Do make your standards perfectly clear from the start.
Do appear to take it for granted that you will get what you want from the students.
Do state your plans in a clear manner and under no circumstances change your mind.
Do not allow a wayward child to escape punishment from kindness of heart.
Do not threaten vaguely or offer general declarations.
Do not grumble or nag.
Do not make exceptions to your rules, once established.
Do not allow a child to argue about a punishment.

While he takes the advice with a grain of salt, he does find some of the suggestions to be helpful.

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  1. What's funny Shanna, those same rules still apply when I'm in a classroom. Some things never change. I wish you welll on this latest story, for it sounds wonderful. I do like your stories. Doris

  2. How fun Shanna! This sounds like a fun read! Best wishes on its release!