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When we write, it's the story that matters as we strive to get words on paper. The characters are running around in our heads, each clamouring to be heard. We don't usually stop to consider the periphery events or common day things that may or may not be time appropriate. There have been some amazing posts on the subject. Here is a few others that some may not have thought of in Colorado. So, really? Is that True?

Telluride Colorado had an AC power plant (Ames Plant) run by water built in 1891. It supplied the electricity to the Gold King Mine 2.5 miles away. The success of this plant helped the company win the Niagra Falls Power Plant in 1895. (This plant is still in service today) For more on this subject:

February 24, 1879 the Denver Telephone Dispatch Company opened for business. This was the seventeenth such company in the nation. Its initial base was 161 customers.

There were thirteen forts built in Colorado between 1833 and 1887. The earliest was Bent's Fort along the Santa Fe Trail and the latest was Fort Logan 1887. Many of these were non-military such as Bent's, Pueblo, Vasquez. Of the thirteen Bent's fort is listed twice, there being two sites, Bent's Old Fort and Bent's New Fort. Fort Garland was the first military fort, built in 1858 and commanded by Kit Carson.
Corner of rebuilt Fort Vasquez
Between 1870 and 1932, Colorado Springs had seven railways systems either in town or was a terminus for the rail lines. Colorado Springs was also the location of Tesla's Experimental Station which operated in 1899. It is said during one experiment Tesla blew the power grid for a major portion of the town.

Pikes Peak as seen from Colorado Springs
Both Colorado College and the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind began in 1874, two years before Colorado achieved statehood. The Deaf and Blind school was begun by Jonathan R Kennedy, the maternal grandfather of actor Lon Chaney, who was from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Grand Mesa is the largest flat top mountain in the world. Located near Grand Junction, Colorado, the mesa is 11,333 above sea level.

Colfax Avenue in Denver is the longest continuous street in America. It's history goes back to the gold rush of 1859. 

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  1. I just love historical trivia! Silver City, Idaho, got telephones along about the same time as Denver, but I don't use them in my books because readers think they're anachronistic. Go figure. Most of the businesses and the sheriff's office had phones by 1880.

    1. We are on the same page with historic trivia Jacquie. Glen Eyrie, Palmer's second rendition of his home here had central a central vacumn system at the turn of the century. This tidbits just boggle the mind. But, like you, I don't use them much for the same reason.

      Thanks for stopping and commenting. Angela/Doris