Tuesday, November 22, 2016


This week's Blog Tour Tuesday features 
Bridgeport Holiday Brides 
Eastern Sierra Brides 1884 Series - Book 5
by Zina Abbott

About the Book:

With the arrival of Beth Dodd’s sister, Hazel, in California, Beth and her fiancĂ©, Val Caldwell, are now able to make wedding plans.  Thanksgiving seems to be a good time to tie the knot and bring the Caldwell family together, as well, but when Val’s older half-brother, Edwin, and his family show up for the wedding, things fall apart. Edwin’s advice to Val to wrest control of Beth’s holdings and absorb them into the Caldwell Ranch leads to bad blood and fisticuffs between the brothers. Will Beth call the wedding off to protect what she’s worked so hard to gain?

As Beth’s younger sister, Hazel, realizes she’s falling in love with Val’s younger brother, Luther, she learns the feeling is mutual. Luther has bought a ring and plans to announce their engagement at Thanksgiving, as well. But Beth has a stormy relationship with her future brother-in-law, and believes her sister is too young to marry. Headstrong and determined to control their own destinies, will happiness also be possible for these BRIDGEPORT HOLIDAY BRIDES?


“How do you like California so far, Hazel? It compare all right to Ohio?”
          “Still ain’t used to them high mountains cuttin’ off the sun afore the day’s over, but other than that, it’s right fine. Bethie’s place has got a wild feel to it, but I like it.”
          “Good. We have some refinement, but it is still not as settled out here as back east. Oh, Luther said to tell you he hopes to get over here a bit later. One of us was needed to check on a problem in the west pasture, and he drew the short straw. But, I know he is looking forward to seeing you again.”
          Val bit his tongue. Only a sense of loyalty to his brother kept him from blurting the truth that Hazel was all Luther had talked about on the trip up and back from Lundy.
          Hazel immediately perked up and her face brightened into a big smile. “I’d be right pleased to see him. How long you reckon afore he gets here?” Then, glancing at the frown on Beth’s face, she looked down and said demurely, “Reckon I’d like to see him again, too.”
          Val burst out laughing. “Oh, he’ll be by, don’t you worry.


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 Zina Abbott is the pen name used by Robyn Echols for her historical novels. Her novel, Family Secrets, was published by Fire Star Press. Her novelette, A Christmas Promise, and the five novellas in the Eastern Sierra Brides 1884 series, Big Meadows Valentine, A Resurrected Heart, Her Independent Spirit, Haunted by Love  and Bridgeport Holiday Brides were published by Prairie Rose Publications.

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