Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Blog Tour Tuesday: HELEN'S PROMISE by Kate Cambridge

This week's blog tour features
by Kate Cambridge


Helen Jones is a maternity nurse in a busy Boston hospital, and most days Helen loves her job, but today happens to be an exception...

When a young, unwed teenager shows up toward the end of Helen's shift, Helen and the head nurse work diligently to help the young woman deliver her baby safely, only to find that after she delivers one baby, another is not far behind!

The birth proves to be too much for the young woman to handle, and Helen finds herself dealing with her second surprise of the night when a promise is asked of her that she is not sure she can keep, but she knows she must try.

Helen's promise leads to more adversity than she could ever have imagined, and a seemingly not-so-simple promise into a journey filled with ultimatums and compromise.

HELEN'S PROMISE is a beautiful, warm mail-order bride story about love, promises and second chances, that will capture readers until the very end. 


"Unbelievable. Father, how can you expect me to marry that fast?"

"You're becoming a mother in a matter of days, I'm sure that it's something you can accomplish." He sat up in his chair and looked into her eyes. "I'm doing this for your own good. It's selfish of you to want to raise these children alone. They will need a father. If you are truly as interested in their well-being as you claim, then you'll be all too happy to find someone to marry."

"But I couldn't possibly meet and fall in love with someone that fast."

"Who said anything about love?" He shrugged. "When your mother and I married it was because our fathers decided it would be best when we were just children. Our marriage has been strong, and successful. It will be difficult to find a man that will accept someone else's children as his own, but you have proven to me that you're quite resourceful. So what will it be, Helen? Should I make a call to the judge, who happens to play cards with me once a week?"

She bit into her lip. She wanted to be able to do all of this on her own, but the truth was she couldn't. Not because she lacked any ability to mother, but because the laws were designed to limit a woman's choices. In a sense she was giving in, but in another she was ensuring that two children had a mother who loved them more than she knew was possible.

"Okay. I'll find someone." She picked up a pen and scribbled her name across the bottom of the document. Then she locked eyes with her father. "Since you and Mother could not support me without your conditions, then I have one of my own."

"Oh?" He raised an eyebrow..."


Kate Cambridge, a bestselling Amazon author, writes Sweet Historical Romance (The Suffragettes Mail-order Brides Series) and Sweet Contemporary Romance. She is a hopeless romantic, strong supporter of women's rights, and loves to create stories that inspire faith and love, with characters who seem real long after "The End."

Visit KateCambridge.com for more information, or KateCambridge.com/Choice to join the Choice Readers group for special launch-day pricing, contest, and more. Be one of the first to know what happens next...


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