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Blog Tour Tuesday: ELLA’S EMBRACE by Kay P. Dawson

This week’s Blog Tour Tuesday features
Ella’s Embrace
By Kay P. Dawson

About the Book:

A woman determined to make it on her own, and a man who’s afraid of repeating the mistakes of his father…forced together by a situation beyond their control.

Ella has always been determined and headstrong, vowing only to marry for love.  At her age, it seems like her chances of that happening have slipped away.  When she is left the title to half of a neighboring farm, she sees the opportunity to have her independence, and not become a burden to her family.

The only problem is that there are stipulations, one being the fact that she has to work alongside the man who’s been left the other half of that farm.  Titus Cain has his own demons to face, and taking over a farm in Oregon with a woman isn’t in his plans. 
To make matters worse, someone else has their eye on the land, and they’ve already proven they’re willing to kill whoever gets in their way to get it.

What will happen when two people are forced to join together to save a farm, and risk their lives to find who killed someone they loved?  Can a young woman live on a farm with a man who isn’t her husband, without ruining her reputation, even if it is for all the right reasons?

Ella & Titus must fight together against the circumstances trying to tear them apart.

**Ella's Embrace is the 3rd book in the Oregon Sky Series, which follows the lives of the Wallace family in the Willamette Vally of Oregon.


“Well, now what are we going to do?”

“We aren’t going to do anything.  I’m going out there, setting out the tables and we’re all going to act like nothing happened...because it didn’t.”  She turned to face Titus.  “I’m sorry you had to get dragged into this, and all because my brother is a fool who shouts first and listens later.”

Titus looked up to the ceiling and she could see him swallow before he looked back down and met her eyes.  

“Ella, it doesn’t matter what your brother did.  The fact is, people are going to be thinking the worst no matter what.  Not many people will be interested in hearing the truth.”

She could feel herself shaking, and she wasn’t sure if it was from anger or fear of what would happen when she walked outside. But, she needed a moment to get herself together.
He pushed himself away from the wall, and did up the shirt that he’d never had the chance to fasten the night before.  He grabbed his hat, and met Colton’s glare.  “You’re free to think what you want, but I’d hope by now you’d know the kind of man I am.”  Then he turned to face Ella.

“I’ll go out and try to smooth things over before you have to come out.”  

She felt terrible knowing he was throwing himself outside to face everyone’s disapproval, knowing they likely wouldn’t give him any chance to explain.

Colton followed him to the door.  “I’ll go with you.”  She knew her brother may have a temper and not always think things through before losing it, but she knew he’d have Titus’s back while facing the others.

“Come on Ella, let’s get you ready then start getting the lunch ready for the men.”  Phoebe came over and took her arm, offering her a smile and a squeeze on her arm. Ella watched as Titus and Colton went outside, with Wally right on their heels. 

Thanks to her, Titus was going outside to defend her reputation to those who’d most likely already made up their minds.  She knew there were some who knew her better, and who knew she wouldn’t have done anything.

But, those weren’t the ones she worried about.  It was the rest of the people who she knew would likely cause even more problems for her and Titus to face.

She wasn’t sure how much more they could take.

About the Author:

Kay P. Dawson is the mom of two girls, living in southern Canada.  She has always loved pioneer stories, growing up reading, watching and playing "Little House on the Prairie."

Writing western romance in the old west is a dream come true for her.  After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2011, she decided it was time to write the books she'd always wanted to write some day.  She writes about times when times were tough, but lives were simpler.

Real heroes, and the women who find true love.  She writes sweet romance - all of the love, without the juicy details.

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  1. Kay, What a great story this sounds to be. Best of luck with this and the rest of the series. More fun books to read when I'm not writing. Angela