Tuesday, November 1, 2022

YUMMY AND CHEWY: Origin of Molasses Cookies by Marisa Masterson

Gingerbread. That's how molasses cookies began. By the late 1800s, this cookie was called a chewy ginger cookie. While gingerbread is typically crispy, the molasses cookie is always soft and chewy.
The recipe for the cookie traces back to the Boston Cooking School. It appeared in the school's cookbook--a book that connects with the famous Fannie Farmer.

In my novel Molasses Cookies by Minnie, the men
settling Norman, Oklahoma are quite taken by the flavor of Minnie's cookies. Interestingly, the cookie would have been new to them. Most would never have tasted soft and chewy gingerbread.

When the recipe was invented in the late 1800s, baking powder hadn't yet been created. Because of that, it used baking soda and sour milk--the same as was used in teacakes. It also called for eight cups of flour, enough to feed a large family. My molasses cookies recipe still calls for this large amount. They freeze so well, that I make the whole recipe and enjoy cookies for months afterward.

You'll find my molasses cookies recipe at the end of my new book. It was given by a pastor's wife to a dear older friend of mine when she was young. That friend passed it on to me when I was young. Over the last twenty years, I've made it at Christmas for my children. The spices are a perfect compliment to the holiday.

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