Monday, July 19, 2021

New Release: KRIS KRINGLE'S KUCHEN BY KATRINA by Elissa Strati


We are pleased to announce the release of the first book in the new holiday series, Old Time Holiday Kitchen, sponsored by the Sweet Americana Book Club:

 Kris Kringle's Kuchen by Katrina

Elissa Strati, Author 


About Kris Kringle's Kuchen by Katrina:  

He fell in love with her cooking. Could he love her, too?

Katrina has always considered herself shy, dumpy, and unattractive. Tight lacing makes her overabundant chest too prominent and still does not provide the popular narrow-waisted figure. She’s getting older and sees no prospects in sight, while all of her friends are courting or already married.

Hans is a strong, boisterous, popular man; a good worker who has his own farm, and is every woman’s dream—especially Katrina’s—but she’s barely ever spoken to the man.

Fate throws them together. Is she up for the challenge, and her best chance for happiness?


Katrina watched anxiously as each judge put a taste in his mouth—and then smiled! They looked at each other and nodded in agreement as the head judge placed the blue ribbon next to Katrina’s cake.

A voice boomed out.

“I don’t care if she’s old, plain, and fat! A woman who can cook like this is the woman I could marry!”

Katrina knew that voice. His was the lovely baritone at church and he was, oh, so handsome! He’d never even noticed her when he strolled over to chat with one or another of the other ladies.

Because she was. Old, plain, and fat. All three. And she was the cook who had created the Kuchen about which Hans Johansson was making such a fuss.

“It reminds me of my mother’s kaka (Swedish - cake) and I never thought to taste something as good again!”


Karl Fischer leaned over and reached under the plate, pulling out the card showing the name of the chef. He elbowed Hans.

“Looks as if you get your wish,” he cackled. “She is all three, old, plain, and fat! It is Katrina Schmidt.”

Oh, she moaned to herself, he didn’t have to say it again.

With kind of a mean look in his eye Karl looked over and saw her standing there embarrassed.

“Congratulations, Miss Schmidt! You are the winner! Come on over and get your prize.”

And then he elbowed Hans again.

“Here, you big oaf, you can propose to her now.”

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About Elissa Strati:

I split my time between the east coast and southwest and love to travel, locally and internationally. I have held all manner of jobs and gained experience in a variety of fields, all of which comes in very handy when I am coming up with plot ideas. (Gas station attendant translates nicely to stable boy.)

I’ve almost always been a writer, but was invited to become an author—and haven’t looked back! I am presently focusing on historical western romances filled with adventure and humor as I gradually populate the towns I created in Kansas and Texas—real locales, but fictional places.


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