Thursday, April 23, 2020

Interesting Jobs in the 1800s

Aw, a sweet rose. Who doesn't enjoy looking at flowers? And for centuries, people have enjoyed their beauty year round with artificial flowers. 
Artificial Flower Makers
This was one of the jobs that women could do. They used silk, wax, glass, feathers. And it was their skilled hands that created beauty to behold on cold winter days.

Corset Makers  - Another job of the 1800s,  and I don't know about you, but I'm glad that one is no longer needed.  

Rag Pickers - These were the beginnings of the recycle business. They would go through garbage piles and pick out things that could still be used and sell the items.

Hostler and livery stable-keeper - Think of a motel in the 1800s. They didn't have cars but they had horses. The Hostler took care of the horses for those traveling and staying in the inns. The livery also rented horses, wagons, and buggies.

Whitewasher - cheaper than paint, many used whitewash to coat the wood and protect it from the weather. A mix of lime it could be a dangerous job.  Tom Sawyer was whitewashing a fence in the famous story by Mark Twain.

Cooper - made barrels, casks, even coffins.  Oftentimes for wine and spirits.

Drayman -  to go with what the cooper made, the drayman delivered beer from a brewery.

Galloon maker -  nope, this one doesn't go with the cooper. A galloon is an ornamental strip of fabric used as a trim on clothing and upholstery.

So many of the occupations through the ages are driven by advances in technology. You can see that only a hundred to two hundred years ago many of the jobs were agricultural. 

Makes me wonder what the jobs of the future will look like.
In my series - Bridgette's Bridal Registry - Bridgette helps young men get started after a stay in prison and finds them jobs along with a mail-order bride. I've had fun trying to think up things for them to do.
Have a blessed day and stay safe and healthy. 
Patricia PacJac Carroll
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  1. You could also hire a drayman to haul things for you. Nice list, Patricia. You book sounds interesting.