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Keep Her From Crying Off (1880) by Kristin Holt

Kristin Holt | Keep Her From Crying Off (1880)
USA Today Bestselling Author

Why are my posts so frequently focused on Victorian Courtship? 

(I’m chuckling.) Perhaps I have nineteenth century courting on the brain because all of my titles are Victorian Courtships. I’d wager the vast majority of American Historical Romances (and Victorian Romances, too) are, in the barest of terms, about a Victorian courtship of one kind or another.

I can’t wait to share with you this splendid example of Victorian advice regarding courtship, love, and marriage. With beautiful humor, this nineteenth century newspaperman dispenses winning advice ("Keep Her From Crying Off") in a typical late-nineteenth century manner: storytelling

Original source: The Richmond Democrat of Richmond, Missouri, January 29, 1880.

Without further ado:

Kristin Holt | Keep Her From Crying Off (1880), Part 1 of 3
Kristin Holt | Keep Her From Crying Off (1880), Part 2 of 3
 Kristin Holt | Keep Her From Crying Off (1880), Part 3 of 3

This vintage example is too overblown to be an accurate recipe for success, yet it is a valuable “slice of life” image. Much truth lies beneath this fictionalized storytelling-styled advice.

Frankly, today's women would never put up with this "Chicago Man" and his "I'm in love with Cora" nonsense. I imagine no woman in Victorian America was quite so ignorant either. After all, girls were bombarded on every side about the critical nature of choosing a life partner.

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Thank you for reading and exploring how to “Keep Her From Crying Off” 1880-style with me. Your thoughts are welcome! Please leave a comment.

Are you interested in much more about the Victorian-era United States, particularly the Old West? You’re invited to explore my ever-growing cache of articles for fiction readers who find the historical settings and backgrounds to be fascinating.

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  1. Sounds so very interesting, but I am so very glad I was not born around that time. Your books sound very interesting and like good page turners , I love the cover. Have a Great weekend. God Bless you.

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