Thursday, February 28, 2019

Retirement in History

RETIREMENT - The Golden Years

My sweet husband retired last night. For his second time.  I married a prince of a man and after a year of retirement the first time, he went back to work so I could write books. I love my man.

But last night was it. He is officially retired and let the fun begin.

SO I started thinking about the history of retirement. You never hear of cowboys retiring but then maybe they just got put out to pasture.

Before the 1800s, life expectancy was too low to even think about it. People lived  26-40 years, so their work was not hampered by age.

In 1883, the German chancellor, Bismark, decreed that anyone over 65 would be forced to retire and they would receive a pension.

In the USA, in the mid 1800s, municipal employees began receiving pensions. 1875, American Express offered pensions and by the 1920s many industries offered pensions.

While retirement now has a happy connotation, early on it was forced on people as the idea that after 60 people couldn't do their work and should be put out to pasture. Many workers wouldn't quit and younger workers couldn't get jobs. The Great Depression brought about changes. and in 1935, social security was enacted to help older people retire and have some income.

Well he we are in 2019. And as the Bible says, there is nothing new under the sun. While many want to retire, the bank account says no.

AS for me and my house? We are going to enjoy our time together. AS for me? I will be writing stories for as long as I can. I am blessed to be able to do something I can do in my golden years.

Have a blessed day.

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