Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Yancy ~ His Story has been a Long Time Coming

on Preorder Now ~ Releases April 5.

Nettie's Love is the first book in the series and was followed by A Bluebonnet Misfit Christmas and both came out in 2015. Yancy was scheduled to come out in 2016 but life interrupted. 

You know how life can do that. : )  Other stories intervened and pushed Yancy back. And then I had heart surgery.  (Doing great now)

Yancy just couldn't get back in line until this year. My characters have a way of letting me know the time for their story is now! And Yancy demanded his time.

So, it's a couple of years late, but Yancy will make his debut April 5, 2018.

And what a wild story. Nettie is the original Misfit, and she is not happy unless she's helping others find the kind of love and happiness she found with her husband, Reed. She came to him as a mail order bride and has since helped Sally and Wills and now Yancy and Amanda, who is known as Fancy.

LOL Yes, I have a Fancy and a Yancy and a huge messy mix up. You see, Nettie feels for Yancy. He's a young man with a troubled past. He's a little wild at heart and she believes he just needs a good woman to settle him down. Of course, she doesn't tell Yancy or her husband what she's done.

Eugene, Fancy's father, loses his job in Virginia because of his daughter's shenanigans. He loves her dearly, but Fancy is wild and fiercely independent. Trouble is she's scared off any suitors she may have had in Virginia. So Eugene finds an ad for a mail order bride and writes a response for his daughter. 

Meanwhile, Nettie is having second thoughts that it is right to saddle some poor girl with Yancy's wild nature and troubles. 

And Eugene has the same second thoughts except he's worried about giving his wild daughter to some poor man not equipped to handle her. 

Add to the mix up that Fancy believes they have moved to Texas because her longtime, widowed father is answering a mail order ad from Nettie.

Fun, romance, and adventure combine in this story of Yancy's Bride.

PreOrder Now   Releases April 5th.

Blessings to you all.
Patricia PacJac Carroll

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  1. I am so glad you are telling this story. What a wild ride this one sounds to be. Best of luck and glad you're doing so much better. Doris