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Blog Tour Tuesday: Her Irish Surrender by Kit Morgan

Hi there! Kit Morgan here! 

Sometimes you write a book where secondary characters scream for their own story. Well, Her Irish Surrender has more than one. It has several. First, a little about this original story. 

First off, it's book four of my Holiday Mail-Order Bride Series. Secondly, even though it is book four, you can actually start the series here if one wanted, as it also acts as a stand alone. The three previous books in the series all taking place in Nowhere, in the Washington territory. Irish takes place in Oregon City, Oregon. New setting, new characters. Characters that want out!

A little more about the book:

Adaline Dermont had a dilemma. She was losing the home she and her aunt had lived in for the last seven years. Their money embezzled away by a crooked solicitor, Adaline must either become a mail order bride, or face the cruel streets of New Orleans. Her aunt had someplace to go, Adaline didn't. Mrs. Ridgley's Mail Order Bride Service looked like her only hope.

Lorcan Brody didn't have a dilemma, but he did have an overweight cat, a mother with a fierce Irish temper, and a best friend who got him into more scrapes than Lorcan could count. And one thing he didn't count on, was his parents' sending away for a mail order bride! Getting married was the last thing on his mind, and he let everyone know it, including the bride!

Find out what happens when two people think the thing that won't work, turns out to be the thing God had in mind all along ...

Lorcan has a friend, Finn, who gets his own book in Love at Harvest Moon, book six of The Holiday Mail-Order Bride series. But two more characters are wanting to tell their tale. Patrick and Meara Brody, Lorcan's parents. 

Here's a little excerpt that says, tell me more!

Meara Brody ran a tight ship, and desertion was not an option. Nor was mutiny, and she kept her crew in line with her lightning-quick tongue and a trusty apron. If she couldn’t get her way with the former, she’d whip up a few tears and wield the latter. She knew well that the one thing no Brody man could stand was a crying woman. She’d wrung the life out of many an apron over the years, and they’d yet to catch on – either that, or they were too stubborn to admit it worked at least half of the time, and knew she had her pride.
But today she vowed not to wield either weapon. Today she wouldn’t have to. Any sort of protest Lorcan put up, his father Patrick would handle, and she could stay blameless in the eyes of her precious son when he got the news he was to be married.
She examined her hair in a small hand mirror as she hummed a merry tune, gave her graying locks one last pat, and reached for her gloves. “Mr. Brody! Hurry yourself along now. The stage will be here any minute.”
“I’m coming’ – ye don’t have to yell!”
She turned and sighed when she saw him. He was a big man, brawny and strong like her son and just as handsome. His dark hair, now streaked with grey, was thick, and his blue eyes as fierce as on the day they met. He’d been fighting that day, and it wasn’t until later she found out the fight was over her. She’d ridiculed him for his actions, but he’d stilled her sharp tongue with a kiss. After almost twenty-eight years of marriage, he could still do that ... when he could catch her, that is. “You look grand, Mr. Brody.”
“As do you, Mrs. Brody. Tell me, have ye told the lad yet what’s to happen?”
She turned and put on her hat. “Oh, why upset the boy with details?”
Mr. Brody’s eyes widened with panic. “Ye mean ye didn’t tell him?” he squeaked.
She turned. “What’s to tell? He’s getting married today.”
“Yes, but he doesn’t know that!”
“Paddy told me neither did the sheriff’s nephews, and they all got along all right.”
Her husband shook his head. “Lord, woman, ye need to tell the lad!”
“I’m not going to tell him. You are.”
“Me! Why do I have to tell him? I’m not the one that ordered the bride, nor am I the one to put all that blarney in a letter and sent it off!”
“It was the truth and you know it!”
“Pah! Ye wrote he was looking for his lady fair and that he couldn’t wait to cherish her and call her his own.”
“They were meant to get a point across. Besides, you put it in the post, Mr. Brody, and since you were the one that done the mailing, I assumed you approved of what I wrote!”
He threw his hands in the air, walked to the bed and grabbed his jacket. “But I didn’t approve of not telling him in advance! He’ll be madder than a rattler with us!”
She went to him and wrapped her arms about his waist from behind. “He’ll thank us later, you’ll see. It’s for the boy’s own good. With a wife he’ll stop fighting, settle down, and in time give us grandchildren …”
“Or he’ll run away.”
She pulled him around to face her. “Nay, Mr. Brody, you’ll see. That boy is smarter than the both of us. Even he can’t dispute the logic in it. Where is he, anyway?”
He picked up his hat and smashed it onto his head. “Gone to help Finn dig a few graves, I suspect. They’re short-handed again.” He spun to her. “And I certainly hope you’re right, Mrs. Brody. Because if he leaves, I’ll not be speaking to you again!” He stomped out of the room and down the stairs.

“I’m always right, Mr. Brody,” she said with a smile as she followed him. Together, they left the house to fetch their son’s mail-order bride.

I'll be giving them their own story soon. In the mean time, you can read pick up Lorcan's and Adaline's story on amazon

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