Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Blog Tour Tuesday - The Barn by Morgan Dawson

This week’s Blog Tour Tuesday Features

The Barn 
By Morgan Dawson

About the Book:

**This is a sweet historical romance novella written by a 13 year old author**

Can she find forgiveness in her heart?

Still holding onto her anger for past hurts, Adeline struggles after her older sister moves away, leaving her in charge of her younger sisters.

Adeline must find a way to care for her family, while following her own dreams, but what will be the cost? Will her heart be able to forgive her pa, like she so desperately wants, or will it be too late?

Follow Adeline’s story as she finds her true heart’s calling, thanks to a man who has always believed in her.


I head out the door and go in the opposite direction of the creek. It truly is hot in the house, so at least out here I will get some fresh air. I head past the chicken coop into the meadow where I always go and lay in my packed down spot.
I close my eyes again, my cheek still throbbing with pain.


I hear a voice from the direction of the chicken coop, and I sigh, rolling into the long grass beside me, hoping he won't see me. I can't see August right now. He's probably talked to pa and now thinks I'm stupid and is coming to tell me that.
I hear him walking toward the packed down area. I hold my breath, not daring to move.

"Adeline? I saw you come over here. Please come out." He puts his hands in his pockets. His eyes move to where I'm hiding in the long grass and I feel the blood rush to my head. He chuckles. "What are you doing in the grass?"

Dang it. 
I sit up trying, to fake a laugh. He offers his hand, which I hesitantly take as he pulls me up on to my feet.
  His eyebrows furrow and he moves his hand toward my face. I don't move, unsure what to do as he lightly touches the tender spot on my cheek. I wince pulling back. 

"Adeline?" He steps toward me but I step farther away, shaking my head. "Come on Adeline. What happened?"

I let out a frustrated groan. "You seriously don't know? I thought my pa would come and tell you two instantly."
He shakes his head, opening his mouth but not saying anything. 
"We got in a fight, is all.”

August steps toward me again, panic rising in his voice. "And he hit you?"

"No. Oh heavens no. I ran and sort of fell, hitting my face on the ground. I'm so clumsy." I laugh, looking down at my feet.

"What were you fighting about?" He smiles, sitting down in the grass.

I sigh, taking my place beside him. "You don't even want to know. It's just something stupid because of my selfishness, and I realize now I was the one being unreasonable."

"Please, tell me. I promise I won't judge." August gives me a reassuring smile, his kind, green eyes sparkling.

I groan. "Fine, but I just want to let you know, it was nice for me to finally have a friend to talk to.  I’ll miss you." 
I pause, and he chuckles.

"So, Hazel told me pa was selling a cow to a buyer so I went up to the pasture. The cow he sold was one my sister and I had named Pumpkin. I remember the day so well. My sisters and I spent the whole day running around the pasture, while my ma and pa dealt with calving cows." I stop, looking at him to see if he's bored. "And well, I kind of started yelling at him, and being stupid and stubborn as always."

August laughs, which makes me smile a little. He keeps laughing and soon I find myself doing the same. Finally, I whack him lightly on the arm. "It's not that funny."

"No, it's just you. I've never met someone who takes all of the blame on themselves and is so unfair to themselves.”

I smile. "I know, but this time it truly was my fault for the argument. And I said something truly horrid to him. I told him I hated him, which is far from the truth."

We sit quietly for a while, until he shifts beside me. "So about that fall...”

I give him a glare, smiling. "Yah, I tripped on my dress and the good thing is, my cheek took all of the impact from the fall."

He laughs and stands up. "Come on. Let's get you back to the house. I've got a barn to finish."

I stand, but grab his wrist, stopping him in his tracks. "How did you see me? Were you coming up to the house?"

"No, I was up on the ladder and what else do I see but a mass of curly, blonde hair running to the meadows."

"Oh." I reply. I walk beside him and he hesitantly reaches for my hand, which I debate pulling away. Clearly, without knowing the reason, I let him take my hand in his and we walk in the direction of home.

At the bottom of the hill the house sits on, August stops. “I’ll walk to the barn from here. And Adeline? Try not beating yourself up so much. It’ll eventually wear you down.” 
A flicker of hesitation appears in his eyes before he plants a quick kiss on my forehead. "Get making supper." He laughs, pulling away and walking back to where pa and Robert are working. 

I stand there, watching him walk away, unsure of what just happened.


Morgan Dawson is the thirteen year old daughter of western romance author Kay P. Dawson.

She has always loved to read, saying some day she would write a book of her own.  The Barn is her second book, (Book 1 is called “The Wagon” and is also available on Amazon) and she has more books planned for the series.

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  1. Congratulations, and here's to many more stories. Doris

  2. I have bragged about Morgan Dawson and how talented this young lady is. I have read her first two books and can't wait for more. She is amazing.