Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Welcome Annie Boone

Sweet Americana Sweethearts 
is excited to introduce you to Annie Boone, the latest author to join our ranks of monthly contributors. 
Annie Boone will be sharing a post with you on the second Wednesday of the month beginning in February. Due to a special Grandma’s Wedding Quilts book series event in January, that month Annie will share her first post on Wednesday, January 25th.

About Annie Boone:

Annie Boone grew up going to museums and watching historical movies with her family. Her dad was a history buff, so there weren’t many other choices. Her vow to never watch another historical movie or go to a Civil War museum again fell by the wayside when she married a man who loved history as much as her father.  
Annie has been writing romance since high school and she loves to write Western Historical Romance stories today. Annie enjoys naming some of her characters after people who have been or are currently important in her life. Grandparents, former teachers, and childhood friends are found in some of her books, at least by name if not always a complete personality match.

Annie lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two cats. She loves to travel and spend time with family and friends when she’s not writing.

Connect with Annie Boone:

Annie's Most Recent Books: 

Love Conquers All – part of the Cutter’s Creek Series

Lana Garrett has met the man of her dreams. As luck would have it, there's a problem. He lives across the country. Will that keep them apart forever? Maybe.

When Lana met Max Tolbert, she was intrigued. When he met her, he fell for her right away. But alas, they only had a short time together before he left Cutter's Creek to return to New York, his job, and his life. They promised to write and they did. For almost a year they poured their hearts out in letters back and forth.

Then, the letters stopped. Lana's heartbroken. She has no idea why her love would just drop her with no warning and no explanation. She decides that maybe she should move on. Her family reminds her that the relationship wasn't likely to work, anyway, since they lived so far apart. When she does finally agree to spend time with another man, she's sorely disappointed.

Then, a suitor she had discarded does her a favor that will change her life. The information he shares leads her to places she never thought she'd see and into a world that changes who she is.

Find out how love for a soulmate, love for sweet stories, and a caring heart leads Lana to her future.

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Bianca Hawkins is an orphan. She's lived the last few years trying to repay those who have helped her. She owns nothing, but still feels thankful and joyful. When she finds out there are no funds available for her to stay in the church she dutifully serves, where will she go?

Pastor Elgin finds a new place for her. Another church that needs someone like her to do chores and keep the place in order. The problem is that it's almost a world away. The Colorado Territory is going to be her new home.

Decker Tilton goes to work every day in the grist mill happy to be able to stay busy. A hard work schedule is supposed to keep him from his memories. It doesn't. His guilt is nearly too much to bear.

Despite his best efforts to avoid the new girl in town, Decker is intrigued by her. She's practically determined to be his friend, but he's skeptical since she's from the east. Jane was from the east and he can't have that kind of woman in his life.

Bianca recognizes that Decker needs someone. A friend. She's attracted to him, but they can't ever be more than friends. She has nothing to bring to a marriage and he has too much pain.

As this unlikely pair falls quietly in love, will his past and her insecurities keep them from being just what the other needs?

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Welcome, Annie!


  1. Welcome to the Sweet Americana Sweethearts Blog, Annie! Your two stories here sound amazing! I am looking forward to your posts and getting to know you better here!

  2. Glad you have you Annie. It is so rewarding to share with other authors the ups and downs of the industry and the great research that we share. Doris/Angela