Friday, December 9, 2016

New Quilt Series ~ Magic Happens

Quilty by Association -- Yes...That's me. 

I confess...

I have never made a quilt.

My mother, my sister, my aunts--you name it--and several of my friends have quilted. Their lasting heirlooms are things of beauty to behold. I have been dragged...uh...I mean, I have accompanied them at one time or another to quilt shops or fabric stores and to quilt shows. I must admit, seeing all the beautiful patterns and fabric actually makes me a bit euphoric. So many possibilities, so many ideas start rumbling through me.

I have the patterns to make a wall hanging and also a table runner...someday when I am no longer writing stories. Those patterns call to me from under the bed where they are tucked securely in their storage bin.


William Morris said this in 1880, at a lecture he was giving titled the Beauty of Life. I think he could have been talking about pioneer women...and me.

Might I also add to Phylicia's quote by saying...we, the authors of Sweet Americana Sweethearts, came together to write a book series (about quilts)
and yes...

Magic happened!

The Grandma’s Wedding Quilt Series is the brainchild of Zina Abbot, the founder of the Sweet Americana Sweethearts Blog. From the start of the blog, she has had a vision for all of the authors to come together on a project. We were all at different levels in knowing about putting together a production of this magnitude, but the ones with more experience have been nothing short of fantastic with those of us, ‘cough, cough’ who have never independently published before. I am in awe of their knowledge and professionalism. Yes, indeed…magic is definitely happening…

And it will soon be here!

Since I have never made a quilt, why would anyone think I could write a story based on a marvelous sampler quilt? Well...that is part of the mystery and you will have to read the book to see if I pulled it off. 
My contribution to the series is Gloria's Song and I am so excited to share here, for the first time, the cover and a short description! 

Cover by Shanna Hatfield
 Gloria Palmer has always done the proper thing expected of her as the daughter of a shipping tycoon. The approval of her family and friends mean everything. And yet, when the perfect suitor offers for her… she hesitates.

Colin McDougal has little use for those living on the fancy side of the trolley tracks. He’s too busy managing the family pub and, in his spare time, writing down the lively tunes in his head. So, when Miss Palmer asks for his help to prepare for a music audition, he is flummoxed. What does he know of highbrow music?

But with each practice session, their feelings for each other grow. When it comes time for Gloria to make a choice between what is proper and what she desires, will she realize that if music can cross class lines, it might also be able to harmonize two hearts.

Check back often this month as the rest of the authors give you a sneak peak of their stories for this series.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Please plan to join us in the new year as we debut our stories! 

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  1. Can't wait for you to share your beautiful story with everyone, Kathryn! So honored to have read an advanced copy! :)

    1. Thanks Shanna! I've tweaked it a bit more since you read it. Hopefully for the better! Hope you are having a wonderful vacay!