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Colorado Mountains

* Colorado has fifty-four peaks over 14,000'. (No wonder they bypasses Colorado for so many years, they believed you could not cross over the mountains.)
* Pikes Peak is the eastern most peak in the states Rocky Mountain Range with a height of 14,115'
* Each years since 1916 there has been the race to the clouds. (It is the second oldest motor sport race after the Indianapolis 500) For more history:
* The tallest peak is 14,400'Mount Elbert and is the second highest in the lower 48. Here is a list of the top 100 peaks in Colorado:

Colorado Plains

* The plains of Colorado start at the Kansas/ Nebraska border
* There are two national grasslands in Colorado. The Comanche and Pawnee grasslands. The Pawnee is located in the northeast part of the state. The Comanche the southeast. For more on these amazing places: and
* In Kit Carson County, near the Colorado/Kansas border they have a fully restored Carousel
* Early trappers founded fur trading forts along the edge of the mountains during the early 1800s. A link to a few:

Early People

* The Ute Indians made their home in the high mountains
* The southwest was the home of the Pueblo Indians. Mesa Verde is the home of their ancestors
* Early settlers were the Spanish, and oldest continuously occupied town is San Luis: a short video-
* The oldest church in Colorado was build in 1858:

Early History

* Colorado has a rich and varied history. The area around Pueblo, Colorado has been under five different flags, in alphabetical order- France, Mexico, Texas, Spain, United States.
* Julia Archibald Holmes was the first women to climb Pikes Peak in 1858
* 1806 Zebulon Pike entered Colorado near the present day town of Holly. He never made it to the top of the peak that bears his name.
* Boggsville, Colorado was a stage stop on the Santa Fe Trail:

So there you have some Colorado Tidbits. Hope you enjoy the links. I know many of these pieces have and will end up in a lot of my stories.

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  1. Interesting post. Loved the links. Never knew about Boggsville before and I can see how that town's history could end up in a great novel. Thanks for sharing

    1. You are welcome Robyn. Can you tell I love it here? Angela/Doris

  2. Fantastic list! I am totally obsessed with Colorado ever since our visit two years ago. Every minute of travel, we found something even more spectacular. I had even done my student-teaching in Denver...learned to ski in Loveland...skied a week in Winter Park and not too long ago flew to Grand Junction to spend time with my uncle in Parachute... But our recent visit still has my catching my breath. Wow and wow some more.

    1. Tanya,
      Moved here with some college friends back in the 70s and haven't left since. It does get in your blood. I do hope you enjoyed some of the tidbits. The Parachute/Grand Junction area is pretty cool. If you're ever in the area of Colorado Springs,let me know. I'll try to meet you. In the meantime, enjoy catching your breath. **Smile** Angela/Doris