Thursday, May 7, 2020

Beauty Tips of the Old West ...

Beauty tips. What woman doesn't love a few? Back in the old west, there were a few tried and true (at least back then they thought they were tried and true) tips floating about that made it into print.  One beauty tip many women still seek today is how to remove wrinkles. Here's a little recipe that appeared in Capper's Weekly, a homespun weekly newspaper that was first published in 1879. It often had beauty tips provided by its readers. Here are just a few.

To Remove Wrinkles:
Melt together one-ounce white wax, two ounces strained honey, and two ounces of the juice of lily bulbs. The foregoing melted and stirred together will remove wrinkles.

Face Powder:
Take one-fourth pound of wheat starch pounded fine. Sift it through a fine sieve or a piece of lace. Add to it eight drops of oil of rose, oil of lemon 30 drops, oil of bergamot 15 drops. Rub together thoroughly.

Spread fresh, unsalted butter on two plates of the same size. Then fill one plate with roses, jasmine, violets, or any flowers you wish. Turn the other plate over it and let stand for 24 hours. Then scrape off the butter from the plate and put in some alcohol. Cork tightly.

And my personal favorite ... by the way,  I wouldn't try this one if I were you.

How to Grow Thin:
Drink as little as you can get along with comfortably, no hot drinks, no soup, no beer, and only milk enough to color the luke-warm tea or coffee you drink. Eat chiefly stale bread, lean meat with such vegetables as peas, beans, lettuce, in moderation. Avoid watery vegetables such as cabbage, potatoes, turnips, etc. No pastry whatever. Linit yourself to seven hours of sleep out of the 24, and take plenty of exercise in the open air.

That's it for this time! Aren't you glad we have what we have now as far as beauty tips and tricks? Until next time!


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