Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Blog Tour Tuesday: WANTED PREACHER by Renea Westlyn

This week’s Blog Tour Tuesday features
Wanted: Preacher
By Renea Westlyn

About Wanted: Preacher:

Moving to Oregon as a Mail-Order Bride had never been Abigail’s plan, but when she is suddenly forced from the only home she has ever known, a marriage of convenience may just be the only thing that can protect her. However, the Lord works in mysterious ways, and shortly after Abigail has wed her new husband drowns while attempting to save the life of a child. Alone and afraid in a town full of lost women, Abigail must search for a new man to protect her from a horrid fate. Can she hope to find a husband that will cherish her? Or will she again be forced to marry for convenience alone?

Reverend Akecheta James’ wedding day ended in a tragic death, leaving behind scars and pain. Ghosts of the past haunt him every step of the way to the small town of Silverpines. Called there by his blood-brother, Alexander, can Akecheta find his true future and perhaps love with the widow of the towns’ previous pastor?

Together, the two must fight to build a life from the ashes of their past, and conquer the trials of the life yet to come. Can they find much-needed solace in one another’s arms?

Excerpt from Wanted: Preacher:

The funeral of the beloved Reverend Bates was held just before noon the following day. Rhys Huber, one of the church’s elders performed the sorrowful ceremony. Abby stood dressed in mourning clothes once more, feeling as though she would never wear her favorite soft pastels again. The pain of losing her beloved Papa prior to arriving in Silverpines had resurfaced with the sudden death of her husband.
She stood at the front with Fannie Pearl holding her hand. Fannie Pearl claimed not to be an angel, but everyday Abby was assured just a little more that Fannie Pearl was wrong about that tiny little detail. Abby looked up through her lashes at Fannie Pearl to see tears filling in the wrinkles of her sweet face. She had loved Samuel like a son, and now she’d outlived him and her husband, Paul. How does she keep on going? Abby wondered. Fannie Pearl had been a godsend to her from the moment she had arrived in Silverpines. 
Between the fear of her stepmother, the death of her beloved Papa, and the homesickness she felt from not having her sister Kitty with her, Abby was more than sick with grief. Just when she thought she’d survived the storm, the waves crashed down upon her again. Fannie Pearl shined like a lighthouse through it all and Abby was thankful for the day she very nearly fell into Fannie’s arms. 
She remembered that day so clearly. 

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About Renea Westlyn:

One morning, Renea Westly woke up and realized the empty nest was racing towards her. With a nudge, okay a shove, from her family and friends, she decided it was time to chase her dream. Since then, she has released the nonfiction book, The Possum Palace, and Other Redneck Tales, as well as a fiction book in the Multi-Author Series Silverpines, Wanted Preacher. Renea can usually be found in her Virginia home near her computer with scattered notes, a pen collection out of this world, more journals that anyone truly needs and a steaming cup of coffee as she chases down the muses rattling around in her head. When not writing, she can be found dragging husband, daughter, or son to the movies, chasing kiddos around the local CrossFit Forward box, or napping. And napping is as important as coffee.

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  1. I got this book and just finished reading it. Very descriptive dialogue. I LOVED the description of the cooked "rocks" and the rest of the meal... Really enjoyed this book and look forward to more by Renea Westlyn.