Thursday, January 14, 2016

Finding Visual Cues

by Shanna Hatfield

As a person who relies on visual cues to spark my creativity, I often look for resources that help me as I write descriptions in my historical sweet romances.

Dresses, shoes, household items, even the labels on tin cans from bygone eras inspire me to capture the most accurate details possible for my readers.

Despite the wealth of information available at my fingertips through online searches, sometimes I can't find the exact item for which I'm eagerly searching.

One happy day several years ago, I happened upon a catalog from Victorian Trading Co. If you asked my husband, Captain Cavedweller would tell you I was as giddy as a six-year-old on Christmas morning.

Filled to the brim with reproductions of antiques, I flipped through page after page of clothing, jewelry, decor, books, kitchen ware, lace curtains, furniture, lamps... be still my heart, there were even greeting cards and stationery.

Not only could I see photos of things that once graced the home of our Victorian and Edwardian ancestors, I could even order exciting things like a wax seal set. (Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to dip a quill pen into a jar of ink then seal that letter with wax and a your initial?)

Let's say you're curious about serving a proper English tea.

I would definitely start with Mrs. Crumpet's Tea Cart. Oh, the times I have drooled over this particular item... I dearly love it and hope to someday have my own tea cart.

You'll find teapots and teacups (or silver tea service if you rather), sugar spooners, tea cozies, silver dinner bells, hostess tongs, compotes, serving trays, and even those adorable little sugar cubes with the pink frosting roses on top. And if you really have no clue about serving tea, check out the vintage tea party book.

From tiaras and corsets to chandeliers and rose-scented soap , you'll find a grand selection of items that speak of romantic yesteryears.

There are also many modern-day romantic items, too!

If you're a fan of the splendor of Victorian days or a Downton Abbey fan, you might want to take a peek at what they have to offer.

*Note - Victorian Trading Co. do not know me and this is not a paid endorsement. I just enjoy perusing their products (okay, and buying them, too!).

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  1. Always have loved the Trading Co. Shanna, it is like going on a treasure hunt. Hope you get that tea service! Here's to 'happy hunting'. Doris McCfaw/Angela Raines-author