Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Blog Tour Tuesday: Walk the Promise Road: A Novel of the Oregon Trail

This week's Blog Tour Tuesday features 
Walk the Promise Road: A Novel of the Oregon Trail 
by Anne Schroeder

About Walk the Promise Road: A Novel of the Oregon Trail 

Mary Rodgers has lost everything—or so she believes. Her entire family has been struck down with influenza, leaving her alone in the world—except for her cousin Philip. But Philip is bound for Oregon to meet up with Laurel, his fiancĂ©e, who’s waiting for him. Though Mary begs him to take her with him on the Oregon Trail, he resists. What would people think?

Mary’s plan is simple. They already share a last name. They will pose as husband and wife. The wagonmaster is a firm man—and if he finds out the truth, he’ll force them to marry, dashing Philip’s dreams of a life with Laurel. But Mary promises it will be their secret, and Philip can’t leave her behind after all she’s lost.

When Luke Sayer, their half-Indian trail scout, begins to spend evenings at their fireside, other travelers notice the obvious mutual attraction between him and Mary. Though Mary denies it, she struggles to keep her promise without bringing harm to either her dear cousin, Philip, who has risked everything for her—or to Luke, the love of her life.

Mary's grit and determination will see her through the hardships and sorrows she encounters, but Luke’s love will give her hope for the future as they WALK THE PROMISE ROAD…

“With exquisite details of wagon trains, women and the West, Anne Schroeder takes us on an authentic journey of love and hope giving us characters to cheer for and moments of meaning to cherish.” — Jane Kirkpatrick, Award-winning author of ALL SHE LEFT BEHIND.

"The most accurate novel I've ever read on the Trail." — Michael Smith, Oregon Trail Preservation Committee.


    MARY SAW A familiar dun horse approaching. The sight of the tall stallion seemed to quicken her blood, but she dismissed the idea as merely anticipation of riding astride in-stead of the bone-jarring pace set by clumsy oxen that moved with the grace of pigs.
     “Morning, ma’am. Ready for that ride?” Luke formed a slow smile that made Mary forget his question. His shirt was not the familiar red flannel of the other men, but a dusky cream doeskin, fringed at the arms and laced up the front with rawhide cords. He seemed dif-ferent today, rugged and dangerous in a way that she couldn’t define, but he looked as if he lived in the type of garb he was wearing; hadn’t chosen it to enhance his mascu-linity, but rather the other way around.
     “Ready and looking forward to it, Mr. Sayer.” She felt suddenly shy in his company and found herself studying his moccasins where they rested in his stirrups.
     Her formality brought a chuckle. “Better get used to calling me Luke. Everyone else will by the time the trip is through.”
     “I’m not sure I should do that, Mr. Sayer. My mother would heartily disapprove.” Her smile belied her words.

To purchase Walk the Promise Road: A Novel of the Oregon Trail in either paperback or ebook, please CLICK HERE.

About Anne Schroeder:
Anne Schroeder describes herself as a calorically-challenged Aphrodite with an unmistakable fervor for life. Second of seven children, she was born in Ventura County, California, the subject of her first memoir, BRANCHES ON THE CONEJO: Leaving the Soil after Five Generations.

In 1971 she graduated from Cal Poly, SLO, in the first wave of the Social and Sexual Revolution with a degree in Social Science, a husband, toddler and part-time job. Her memoir ORDINARY APHRODITE is an adventure tale about a life of small steps in the Boomer women's experience. Her fiction and memoir have won numerous awards.

She served as 2015 President of Women Writing the West, 2016 WILLA Literary Competition Chair and is a member of Western Writers of America.

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  1. I love historical novels. This one looks very authentic. Thanks for the review.

    1. Thank you Paula. I want readers to trust the story as much as the emotions. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes!! Thank you. You won't be disappointed. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Continued success my friend on your writing journey. Doris

    1. Hi. This book was a joy to write. I walked the trail to feel her pain. Glad you liked it.

  4. Hey Anne! Just wanted to say again how much I thoroughly enjoyed Walk the Promise Road.

  5. Thank you Prairie Rose Publications for all the great romance it provides fans of Western fiction. Proud to be in the PRP stable.