Wednesday, July 6, 2022


 Why don't the majority of women still wear their hair long? How come each of us isn't running around with a bun at the back of our head? Hmm...

I wondered about this. As an author who mostly writes historical novels, I wanted to know when it became popular for women to cut their hair short.

It seems to trace back to the bob. This hairstyle, inspired by Joan of Arc, gained popularity after World War I. The female population had the right to vote and were entering the workforce. I can imagine the freedom from not needing to carry around the heavy weight of long hair. (I decided to have my long, long hair cut short last year. It felt wonderful!)

Even more than freedom from the weight of the long hair or the care of it, young women bobbed their hair as a statement of equality. They were working along side of men and wanted to be seen as equal to them. The bob was one way to do that, making their hair similar in length to a man's. (Though not quite as short as a man's. That would need to wait for the 1960s.)

At the same time, women bound their breasts and dieted to gain a boyish figure. The flapper image is the perfect example of this. All to further two things--rebellion and equality for women.

Today, I wear my hair short and never consider that I want to be like a man. Amazing to think back and consider how my favorite hairstyle started...

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Why didn’t she warn him about the baby? How can he want a woman he doesn’t entirely trust?

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