Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Western

The Western - an American Icon and symbol of American Independence, Honor, and Justice.
Set during the 1850 to early 1900s, the place being the American West.
Stories of those traveling west for gold, new land, second chances to settle the western half of the United States and achieve the Manifest Destiny.

This is what I grew up with in movies and TV.
Good was good and bad guys were bad and paid for their crimes.
Was it based on myth? Probably. But the stories were usually moral.

The setting spectacular. The characters strong and gritty. The women just as strong. For most of the stories incorporated romance. After all, even in the West, love makes the world go round and gives tension in the stories when more than one man is interested in the girl.

Why do I love westerns? The horses would have to be number 1. I've always loved horses. The TV westerns were called Horse Operas as opposed to the Soap Operas of tv land.
i also loved the stories. Strong characters dealing with justice. The setting. The beautiful landscapes of the west. The red rock formations, the unending miles of open land, and the rugged Rocky Mountains.

I still love westerns and write western romances. Complete with strong characters and good moral stories of pioneers who struggled in wild lands to forge out homes and towns.

Some of my favorite movies - How the West was Won. The Searchers. Shane. The Far Country. And so many more.
My favorite TV shows - Rawhide, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Laramie

I love the idea of the West, and that's why I write Historical Romance set in the old West.
I loved it growing up and I love it now.
Happy Trails

Patricia PacJac Carroll
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