Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tidbit Tuesday: Work In Progress

Sweet/Clean authors who write historical novels set in North America during the years of 1820 through 1920, share a 100-200 word tidbit from your current work in progress in the comments section. On Wednesday I will share this blog post with its comments containing your tidbits on several appropriate Facebook pages plus they will show up in Google+. Please include the working title of your novel and your author name.

Please read yesterday's post which you can reach by clicking HERE.

Do you contribute to three or fewer group book/writing blogs? (This does not include your personal blogs.) Does your writing fall within the sweet/clean/proper criteria listed in the Sweet Americana Sweethearts Guidelines? If so, and you are interested in joining Sweet Americana Sweethearts as a contributing author who will commit to a monthly blog post on your assigned day of your assigned week, please contact the blog administrator. Details are at the bottom of the Guidelines.

For those interested sweet/clean/proper historical writers who already contribute to four or more group blogs, please wait until September. If there are open slots at that time, I would love to add you. In the meantime, consider contacting the blog administrator about a guest post on unassigned days.

If you have an upcoming blog tour for a novel or novella that fits in the Sweet Americana Sweethearts setting and time period, either strictly using blogs or in conjunction with a Facebook/Google+ event, please note that we schedule those on Tuesdays along with the tidbits.  Contact the blog administrator if interested.

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  1. From HER INDEPENDENT SPIRIT by Zina Abbott:

    “That’s mighty fine, Gus, ‘cause I done found us another cook. What with all these here miners comin’ into Lundy, we done got right busy. Reckon she’ll be here by the end of the week. Figured on Friday I’d start her learnin’ what vittles we fix and how things is done here. She’ll be right smart help in the kitchen.”
    Gus, his stubborn jaw jutting out, squinted his eyes in suspicion.
    “Who? Vat voman?”
    “That woman whose baby I done helped birth? She’s aimin’ to keep it. She’s leavin’ the Blue Feather. I done told her to come here for a job.”
    “Nien! No upstairs girl for Gus vork. No baby in kitchen!”
    Her arms akimbo, Beth turned to face Gus.
    “Gus, it don’t do no good to say you ain’t goin’ to condemn her none if you ain’t willin’ to help her do honest work. She ain’t goin’ to be no upstairs girl no more. She’s comin’ here to be a cook, like me.”