Abagail Eldan

I consider myself to be a defender, a servant, a peacemaker. 
A writer.

My father was a career soldier and consequently, I have lived many places including Germany and France. My life changed at the age of eleven when we moved into a house in Toul, France. In the three-story house, rumored to have been occupied by the Nazis during World War II, was a treasure trove of books. From classics to pulp fiction, these books created in me a desire to be an author. Today I live that dream with my husband of forty years on a small farm in south Alabama. In the peaceful surroundings of rural life with cats, dogs, and a horse, I incorporate lessons and stories I learned at my mother’s knee into my books.

Books from Lockets & Lace Series:

Courage brought her freedom, but the cost was her heart.

Melly is a woman with secrets. Thatcher is the man with enough patience to unlock them. 

For fifteen years, Carmella Harperson’s life has been confined to a couple of acres in the middle of a large forest. She’s alive but hopeless, each day a struggle. 

William Thatcher Rainer’s past haunts him as he hunts down the man who destroyed his life. His days are filled with memories of the carnage of war; his nights with nightmares of the death of his wife. On the road, to find the man responsible for the misery of so many, they must work together and learn to trust. 

Neither is prepared for what they find at the end of their journey.

Joy, Unending

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. ~Psalm 30:5

Joy Harperson endured the unthinkable as a young girl. She buried the memories so deeply, she herself has all but forgotten. She makes a new life, nurtured by an eccentric, Shakespeare-quoting surrogate mother and is now poised to marry the richest man in town. Her carefully constructed fa├žade crumbles when someone she once knew rides into town. 

Tristan Martin has never forgotten the girl who was rescued by his father and exploited by his mother. He returns to right a wrong, but in the end, may destroy more than he restores.

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