Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs

Books in the Series:

1.   Perfectly Mismatched by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Running from the past to a new home and name, she runs into a man who follows the rules to the letter.

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2.  Ellen's Lesson by Patricia PacJac Carroll

She's a blond, blue-eyed beauty. (Well, not exactly.) He's a handsome, prosperous gentleman. (Yeah, not so much.) With their letters at odds, what will Tyler and Ellen do when they meet and discover the truth? It's a mail order bride mess.

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3.   Aaron's Annulment Bride by Zina Abbott

Andrea marries Aaron so he can get his house, but now she wants an annulment. What will it take to convince her to stay?

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4.  The Sheriff and the Miner's Daughter by P. A. Estelle 

The sheriff wants to know why a beautiful young girl is looking for some crusty old miner. Then there is the mule.

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5.   Minding Benji by Sandra E. Sinclair

Prudence goes from riches to rags; Austin must marry soon to inherit. And then there is baby Benji...

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6.  Cat's Meow by Zina Abbott

Catherine loves Harold and wants to marry him, but there is one “meowly” little problem....
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7.  Bargain Bessie by Zina Abbott

A confirmed spinster and a decisive, impatient rancher—who is NOT pushing forty…
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8.  A Good Man Comes Around by Heather Blanton

She has a list of qualifications for her groom. He doesn't measure up. But sometimes, a good man comes back around. 

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9.  Perfectly Unscripted by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Is the shared danger the lure between these individuals, or did Rilleta and Wit discover they have much more to offer one another?

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10. Blind Affection by Sandra E. Sinclair 

Can two broken strangers find love and heal each other?

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