Kate Cambridge

Kate Cambridge is an emerging author of Sweet Historical Romance and Sweet Contemporary Romance. She is a hopeless romantic, strong supporter of women's rights, and loves to create stories that inspire, and characters who seem real long after "The End."

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Kate loves to connect with readers:
Instagram: @KateCambridgeAuthor

Kate's Books:
BEGINNINGS: A Women's Fiction Suffragette Story: Sweet, Clean and Wholesome Historical Suffragettes Mail-Order Brides Agency (The Suffragettes Choice Brides Agency Book 1)

The Suffragettes Choice Mail Order Brides Agency Series combines Women’s Fiction with Sweet, Clean and Wholesome romance stories that inspire.

Elizabeth Dow is beautiful, loyal, wealthy, and a suffragette. She's becoming a regular in the Paddy Wagon, much to her father's chagrin. When her father hires a former army officer as her bodyguard to protect her, Elizabeth is determined to do everything she can to dissuade him, but has she met her match? Challenge is something Elizabeth is accustomed to, and nothing will stop her from supporting the Women's Suffrage movement, not even a handsome army officer... or will he?

When some of her Suffragette sisters begin to experience hardship that threatens their suffragette standing, Elizabeth decides to create a solution to their problem in a most unexpected way. Buy on Amazon.

Mail Order Bride: ELIZABETH: Sweet, Clean and Wholesome Historical Western Suffragettes Mail-Order Bride Romance (The Suffragettes Choice Brides Agency Book 2)

Elizabeth Dow is about to jump headfirst into a mail-order brides agency business, with her father’s support and blessing, but with one condition... A bodyguard. And not just any bodyguard, but the handsome, well-travelled, and adventurous retired soldier, Joseph Sharpe.  Elizabeth is furious with her father’s condition, and does everything she can to bore the handsome Captain into quitting, but she underestimates his determination.

When Elizabeth travels West to interview prospective husbands for her Choice Brides, danger and challenges await that threaten the very fiber of Elizabeth’s beliefs; not to mention a secret that causes her to question the loyalty of those most dear to her. Will the challenges thwart Elizabeth’s plans, or will she find the strength and courage from her Faith to stay the course regardless of the cost?

**This is a standalone book within the Choice Brides Agency Series, and free on Kindle Unlimited, and over 36,500+ words. Buy on Amazon.

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: MAE'S CHOICE: A Sweet & Clean Historical Frontier Western Romance (Valentine Mail Order Bride Series Book 1)

New York City, 1898 — Mae is a beautiful, fiesty and determined woman in an era where women should be seen and not heard. She's been spoiled and pampered as the baby of the family, but she's ready to leave her family behind to find freedom, and a life with fewer rules and restrictions.

Paul is a good, and kind man of faith, with a heart of gold. When he finally meets Mae, his mail order bride, he's struck by her beauty, yet taken aback at her strong will and independent ideas. He finds finds himself in a state of confusion and concern even as he becomes mesmerized by the beauty and spirited independence of a woman who refuses to let go of her dreams, and expectations. Buy on Amazon.


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